Corporate Events

Clients have always come back to us for more and more events as we approach each and every event with renewed vigour to outshine our previous performance and wow the client and their guests because we always look at avenues to add that funkiness and colour to your routine corporate job. Right from employee birthday parties to cultural events, seminars and conferences to name a few, we always have something extra under our sleeves to add some sparkle and fun to your work life. With the idea to make the corporate events innovative, we arrange the entire corporate calendar for enterprises. Be it employee appreciation or their birthday celebration, even milestone celebrations and soft skill sessions, we personalize all the HR activities to match the company’s values and standards. Family days, team outings, networking events, town halls, annual days, themed parties and conferences & seminars are just a few of what we could offer. Talk to our team to know more…. 

Awareness Events

Awareness events are handled to bring a change in the society through organizing a well planned and most effective process of message passing to the society.The events like marathon run for the betterment of the society is widely implemented.

Wedding Planners

The end-to-end solutions come to you with We-4, backed by our strong in-house production set up and long-established vendor relations in the industry.We-4 is a fully capable and a self-sufficient Event Planner, that is dedicated to create Dream Weddings. We offer holistic solutions, either as customized, be-spoken service or in a packaged format. Our Wedding events reflect your lifestyles and personality, and we work closely with you to create unforgettable memories. We assist with the planning, facilitating, negotiating and handling of various aspects of Wedding functions and ensure that you receive the best services at the best price. 

Venue Selection

We are committed in our efforts towards providing our clients with only the best venue for their events at no extra cost.The most crucial aspect of event planning would definitely be the selection of a venue. The choice of venue can immensely impact the ambience, vibe and success of the event. And we at White Massif aim at facilitating your event planning experience by providing you with complimentary venue planning services. We’ve worked with all kinds of venues ranging from ballrooms and convention centers to warehouse venues and corporate office campuses. We ascertain all our clients’ needs and select the venue that we believe best matches them.  

Party or Concert arrangements

At We4-Events, we have the experience of arranging live concerts and musical nights for all genre. From small musical nights to corporate concert events and from live Ghazal sessions to rock concerts, we can help you arrange everything you’ll ever need for the perfect concert arrangement.